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Hey, welcome to Anima’s support forum :clap:t2: ! This is a place for our community to connect with each other, ask and answer each other’s questions, share feedback, and more :fire: !

Please follow the guidelines below in order to make the most of your time on our forum. We’d like to keep the site organized and maintain constructive conversations, check out our guidelines below :point_down:t3:

Community Guidelines

:v: Act Respectfully
We appreciate and encourage constructive conversations and healthy debates between community members. However, threats, discrimination, or trolling of any kind will not be tolerated. We want to make sure this community is a safe space for all people, regardless of background or beliefs.

:broom: Keep the forum organized
Help us keep the forum organized by searching for related topics to your question, before posting a new one. Make sure to post in the proper category as well, if it’s a Designer Topic, Developer Topic or other.

:no_entry_sign: No Spam
No one likes spam! Feel free to share your personal work and prototypes, screenshots, etc. but please use your discretion. Any off-topic or excessive promotion will be removed. If you come across something you think might be spam, please flag it and our moderators will address it from there.

Writing Questions & Replies

:writing_hand: Be clear and concise
When posting new topics make sure that you have a descriptive title and body. Include any relevant visuals, like screenshots or a screen recording as well as other relevant links. This will help community members have a complete picture of your topic before replying.

:heart: Show appreciation
Use the “like” feature on topics and comments to show your appreciation for it!

:bookmark: Bookmark topics
Use this feature to collect your favorite topics or as a way to set reminders to respond or come back to a post later on.