Bug when creating new account on Anime


I tried to create an account but whatever I try, I get the error message: “We hope that you’re not a ghost.”

I think there is a bug in the system creating an account. Whenever I load the page, I see the Name input only for one second then it disappears. What’s left on the are just Emailaddress and password, which is usually not the case for creating an account.

I know that perhaps here isn’t the right place to post this issue, but since I can’t create an account, I also can’t report a bug! I tried also connecting the support through the support section, but they only reply to those with a paid subscription.

Hey @TMC thanks for writing to us, and sorry about that! We’re currently investigating this issue, and trying to solve it. Meanwhile, can you try signing up from Safari or an incognito window?

Let me know, thanks!