Generating Vue+CSS for big components

when trying to export code for bigger components, I get the message:

Try a smaller selection

This generates a large request! Our AI is getting better by the day. For now, try a smaller component or section.

What is the current prospect in regard to being able to process bigger components?

Another error I get:

  1. I select a component
  2. The Plugin starts to generate code (I see it in output)
  3. I click on “Download selection”
    • → Error message (I think it says like the output is too big, but I don’t remember and my monthly license contingent is currently exceeded)
    • → I could get around that error by using “Open in CodeSandbox” and downloading the sources from there.
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Hello Sebastian!

Thanks a lot for your message and apologies for the inconvenience with the code generation of your component.

May you please share your figma file to

That way we can take a closer look and help you with this :slight_smile: