I need help but no one is helping (Hover Animation)

I wrote in discord but no one writes. I want a hover animation. I can’t post a video here. I wrote in discord many times, no one helped. Please contact me. I will buy anima app but there are some issues that I don’t know. Please help.

Hi there @msozgirgin sorry about that we were out for the weekend. As I responded in Discord as well, you can definitely add a hover effect! You can add it with the Anima plugin or if you’re familiar with Figma’s interactive components, we support hover effects added with them as well :sunglasses:

Im sorry thank you so much buy i use adobe xd

28 Ağu 2023 Pzt 16:35 tarihinde Shira via Anima Support Forum <notifications@animacommunity.discoursemail.com> şunu yazdı:

Cool, in that case this article and video should help you add a hover effect in XD, using Anima :+1:t2: