Thoughts on my design for my Information Processing class?

I’m currently making a tourism website for my information processing class. Because I have never touched HTML in my life, I literally can not code so I’m focusing on the design aspects. (which is why I turned to Anima, because it’s super useful in allowing me to export my design to the relevant formats.)

Anyway, was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on if this is a good design for the home page? Anything would be good to hear :slight_smile:



Hi @yian! Thanks for sharing your project. The design is great, I love your clear and minimalistic style. Have you tried using the Anima plugin features to make your project live and interactive? If not, I’d recommend you adding hovers, entrance animation, videos/gifs, parallax and UI items from our widget library.

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Yes I have!! Hover effects in particular have actually helped to bring my design from dead to alive… truly quite a useful feature, as it also helps to direct the user to a certain button, without directly shouting at them to click the button. It’s subtle design keys at its best!

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@yian thanks for your feedback :two_hearts:! Could you, please, share a link to your project in Anima with us? (if you synced it :blush:)