Adobe XD interactions don't work

Hello Anima,

Things like popups that appear when you click on a button do not get exported in code in Anima. I hxpave exported Vue and it doesn’t export the popups that trigger on click. It doesnt even export the template code for the popups.

How do we fix this? The project was exported to Anima from XD

Hi @Tom1, did this interaction work in your Anima dashboard ? (view mode)

Nope, the interaction didn’t even show or appear on the view mode.

@Tom1 Please, send us the file only with this interaction (not all the project).

@JenyaGuterman I replied to you 4 days ago. I cant send a zip file.

@Tom1 , please, send me the page with this popup as XD file :pray:

I sent it to you in the DMs @JenyaGuterman

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