Can Anima App export link pages

Hello everyone,

I have a complete design of my project. My question is if I have made a prototype and linked every single button to every page will this be implemented in the code from the anima app? Also if I have some Hover Animations from XD Adobe will be also implemented?
And last question.
If I have a pro account in Anima App with 5 No. screens and my design is 10 pages total can I export them 5 by 5 or have to upgrade my plan ?


Thanks for your post!
So, here are my answers:
1.Yes, all the interactions you set up will be appearing in the code.
2. The Hover animations have to be set up inside of the Anima plugin, not XD. However, after doing that they will be implemented in the code.
3. If your screens or pages are linked to each other then you would need to upgrade, as (just like in the design software) you can only link screens within the same Project. However, if these pages are not linked through interactions, you could separate them in different projects (as you have 3 projects available in your pro account) and then export them that way.

Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with and thanks :slight_smile: