Anima forms from Figma ... can there be more than one CSV, customise email?

Has anyone got any experience with input fields and forms?

I have been testing forms and text fields.
i.e. Text Input & Forms — Anima

I have setup two frames. In each frame is a couple of text inputs and a submit button. Upon submit it goes frame 1->2->1 etc.

The forms data is emailed and accumulates in the CSV correctly, however…

  • the two forms accumulate to the same CSV even though Figma’s Anima plugin’s settings for the Submit button allow you to specify the name of the spreadsheet “save to a downloadable spreadsheet”. Is this a bug or something I have done wrong?

  • can the email which comes from Anima be customised? I just want to add in the name of the form’s page and a few other things which inform the recipient.

  • the list of field entry on the email is in reverse order…is this a setting? i.e. field 1…n on the page are reported in the email field n…1 down.

Aside - I am using the trial account.


Hello Hugh!

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