Auto layout from figma still shows absolute positioning


We have created figma files with autolayout (flexbox) options on the elements and even though we tick the Flexbox styling option in the HTML export in anima we are getting all elements as absolute positioned.

I note that this has been discussed here, Export Figma responsive design with autolayout - #4 by Degbee, and wonder whether you have still to rollout this feature or is it still under internal beta?


Hey @urbansoul thanks for reaching out! Auto layout support should be available to all of our Figma users at this point! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble. :confused:

Would you mind sharing your Figma file here or a simpler version where you see this issue so that I can investigate it with my team? :pray:t3:

Hi Shira.

I’ve sent the invitation link to the email address provided.

FYI The autolayout worked today, but only when exporting a selection or screen, but not when exporting the Full project. Is this standard?


Hey Mark,
Thanks for that but it seems the email address you emailed us from is different from the one in the forum here? So I can’t place it. The autolayout should be working for the export of the whole project, not just a selected screen :confused:
Could you share a simple version of a Figma file here that displays the issue you’re experiencing so that we can look into it please?

Sorry Shira.

Sorry, I used the wrong account in my reply. Hopefully you receive this from the hello@ address.

We’ve moved away from this issue, but the lin should still be ok for you.


Thanks for sharing! Actually it looks like you haven’t properly set up constraints for your whole frame, if you open your Figma file and try to shrink/expand the main frame, you’ll see the content is not responding accordingly

Thanks for the quick reply Shira.

We’re new to Figma and didn’t realise the constraints of containing frames are set to left and top by default. Great spot, and hopefully helps us moving forward.

Thanks again

No problem Mark! I’m glad we were able to resolve that! Let us know if you come across any other questions :+1:t2:

Will do.

Thanks Shira

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Happy to help. By the way, you and your team should do your best to use Auto-layout in your Figma design whenever possible! It will improve the responsiveness and export even better into ready-to-use code with Anima :rocket:

Yeah, after your previous comment we’ve had a deeper look into the autolayout and can see the benefits of using that wherever possible.

Thanks again for your help Shira.Mark

That’s great, thanks for sharing!! No problem Mark :ok_hand:t3::rocket: