Export Figma responsive design with autolayout

I’m trying to export a responsive design from Figma, but Anima doesn’t apply my autolayout effects. (For example: when I apply a space between on my design, the export converts it in margin left and my design isn’t responsive anymore.) How can I apply my autolayout on Anima ? Maybe, Anima cannot apply autolayout from Figma ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hey @SamCaillot thanks for reaching out! Our team is actually in the process of supporting auto layout from Figma, as it is not yet properly supported. We hope this feature will be live in the near future - we’ll be sure to keep you posted! :pray:t3:

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Hi @SamCaillot,

My name is Offir, and I’m a product manager here at Anima.

We’re just about to roll out the Figma auto-layout support first phase!
Currently, it’s in an internal beta testing phase, so we’d be able to iron out all those pesky bugs…

Before opening it up to users, would it be possible to get a copy of your Figma design, so I can test that it works well with our beta version?

Thanks and hope to share more good news soon!

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Hi @Degbee ,

Thanks to you for coming back to me. I can’t wait to try this feature. You can find in this link an example of my design:

Thanks again for the support :pray:


Thanks, got it!
I’ve found some fidelity issues we still need to iron out, so thank you for that.