Responsive design works on preview but not in HTML

Hi, as the title says, I have a project that works perfetly on the preview and in the anima app, but once I download the HTML code & open it in the browser the desing is not resposive anymore.

I tried downloading an old project that worked perfectly on anima and in the browser, and surprisinly the same error happened. We are using the figma constrains & the same workflow we’ve use before with anima, but suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. I wonder if there is a bug or any changes in the way the design should be done in figma?

Hey @Alondra thanks so much for writing. There was a slight issue yesterday with exported HTML code, could you try doing a hard refresh and exporting it anew (make sure to select HTML ‘flexbox’) and let me know if it’s responsive this time? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I tried again today but still have the same issue, I selected HTML flexbox but it is still not responsive once I download the HTML file.

I’m sorry to hear that :confused: Are you using responsive breakpoints, constraints, or both?

Do you have an example Figma file you can share here where the exported HTML isn’t responsive? That way I can try it out myself and see if I can find the solution :muscle:t2: