Using Anima plugin with Figma to make a responsive website

Hello everyone.
I am trying to use the Anima plugin in Figma to make a responsive website.
I watched the tutorial provided by Anima, but it didn’t work.
After finishing the design in two different screen sizes Desktop (1440 * 1024) and mobile (375 * 667). I signed up with Anima. The steps I followed were like this:
1- I clicked on the plugins, then I clicked on Anima.
2- I ran Anima, then I chose the desktop and the mobile frames by holding Shift-key.
3- I tried to create a breakpoint to make the responsivity but nothing worked after that.

Hi @Tawfeeq have you clicked “save” after adding breakpoints? Please, also make sure that the names of frames for two screens match.

Hi @JenyaGuterman
Hope you are doing great!
I have created an interactive prototype design in Figma and used Anima to create the HTML code, however it is showing that the code is ready but when I enter the “Open code mode” its keeps on loading the page and nothing happens further.
Can you please guide me the correct end to end process to export the html file if wrong.

Please note: As we are currently trying the free access for 1 project and planning to buy a plan if the testing is successful.
Would like to get in touch with support team over call if that possible to clear more doubts
Looking forward for your support and response.
Thank you.


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Hi @Kinjal , thanks for reaching out here. Please, send the link to your Figma file, so we could check that from our end.