Getting no web output from any button

I’m trying out the Anima Plugin for Figma to preview or somehow see the html version but nothing seems to work.

For the one page of several frames I chose for responsive, whenever I press either “Get code”, “Preview”, “Sync”, or “Publish”—the plugin window tells me all this stuff is in progress for a VERY long time and then at the end, nothing. No browser window, no link, no download, and nothing shows up in my view of the project logged into

Hello HobyRO!

Thanks a lot for your message and apologies for the issue with your project!
Are you still experiencing this issue?
If so, may you be so kind as to send me your file to:

Thank you very much!

I was able to use Preview after I removed the page I was testing and re-added it with less breakpoints.

So maybe the problem was too many breakpoints?