Preview isn't loading all images and elements

Hi, I’ve been trying to export various projects from figma as HTML code with the anima plugin, but the result is always the same: some images & elements won’t load correctly in the browser when running the HTML code locally.
Today I tried seeing the preview before syncing & exporting the project and noticed that even in the preview option the project won’t render correctly. Sometimes I had to wait a long time for a few of the background images and other elements to load properly in the preview.

This has happened with two different figma projects in the last two days. Since sometimes a background image won’t load after clicking the preview option, but after refreshing the page and clicking the preview option again, the same background image may load correctly (but now others images won’t), I’m assuming there’s an error with the plugin?

Here is the synced Anima project and an image of the result in the browser after running the HTML code locally:

Hey @Alondra thanks for explaining all of that, and I’m sorry about the images not showing up! Can you check in your Figma file and make sure you’ve marked all of these images for export? Check out this video to learn more.

Please also try exporting your design from the Anima plugin, and not via import from the web app. Let me know if this helps!

Otherwise it would help if you could share your Figma file here, or a simple version of the same issue. Thanks! :muscle:t2: