Cannot get styled-components

According to this blog post, I should be able to get React > styled-components. There is no option beyond React. Please clarify, if that option is hidden or the article was not about the styled-components library.

on youtube, I see, there is a setting. it just seems to be hidden for me…

Hey @leoDeJaneiro thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: Can you reload your project? Let me know if you see the styled components option now! Thanks :+1:t2:

It works now! just because I’m curious what happened, did you guys deploy a patch? thanks anyway

now there is no typescript option… :laughing: is this an expected?

@leoDeJaneiro We’re currently working on a beta version, where we integrate Athena for better React code, namely related to variant states from Figma. So now you’ve seen the 2 options for your code gen :slight_smile: Let me know which you prefer and I’ll make sure it’s the one you see!