Figma native prototype interactions not functional in anima preview or play area

Native Figma Prototype interactions are not functional in the play and preview area on Anima. New to Anima and have read docs which suggest that all native figma interactions and components work in Anima. Can anyone advise what I need to do to get this working? Thanks in advance.


Hello @Woolley! Thanks for writing in our forum.

May you please share which interactions are you having issued with specifically?
In any case, here is an article detailing all the specific native interactions that work with Anima: Native Figma features supported by Anima for prototyping | Anima Help Center

Thank you!

Hi Andres, all interactions I have set on the native figma design prototype ie onclick to navigate to other pages or layers etc. Currently, the only interactions that function are the React components that I added using the Anima React Component feature. My design prototype interations work in native figma

I see!

I believe you might be using interactive components within Figma, we are not yet fully supporting them.
In any case, may you please share:

  1. Your figma design
  2. A short Loom video explaining exactly the issues you are having and which interactions are not working?

Thank you very much!