Anima not working when import from Figma to Anima

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Anima and facing trouble with exported interactions. I’ve designed animated text, but after export, interactions aren’t working. After delay interaction which is supposed to change text. Any insights on getting this right?

Here is the design


Hey @theGostHunther thanks for writing! Sorry about that, we actually don’t currently support the ‘on delay’ interaction, see article. If you change the effect to instant, it should work. Let me know! :pray:t3:

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Hi Shira,

Thanks for your reply.
I dont see the instant interaction on Figma.
I will share my design and will be gratefull if you tell me how.

I have seen this article but was unable to
If also you have any tutorials videos that show step by step i will love to see how different interactions are imported from figma to anima

Thanks, I just requested access :slight_smile:

Sorry, what exactly were you unable to do?

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Just to make sure that my animation is functionning in anima.

Hello Shira,

Were you able to do it ?

Kind Regards

Hello Shira,

Please let me know if you were able to achieve that.
I have tried from my side but still cant

Hey @theGostHunther sorry about that! Thanks for sending your file. Unfortunately we’re not currently supporting Figma’s Smart Animate interaction, which is why your interaction isn’t translating into Anima. Sorry about that!