Figma's variants to Anima

Hi @Shira , I’m testing the Figma variants in Anima following the steps described in this link Anima introduces support of component variants - Anima Blog and I can’t get it to work. As you can see in screenshot 1.png, the 5 buttons follow the same layer structure and change the instance layer name to define the variant class.

However, as you can see in the screenshot 2.png in the Anima sandbox it has created 3 different components for the first 3 buttons and for the second 2 it has created variants.

Can you explain me how I should do so that only one component is generated and control the variants with the nameClass parameter?

Thank you very much for your help

As I am a new user on the forum, I can’t attach images, how do I do it?

Hi @Guille, I see that you are a Pro user. You can share the details either in the support chat in your Anima account or send us an email ( Please, attach the design file and the screenshots. Thank you!