Export Component Variants


I have built a slider in figma using components and variants. This is also displayed correctly in the Figma preview and can be operated. However, it no longer works in anima and after the export. Is there a way to export components with different states when they are changed by click or drag?

And if this function is not supported by anima, is there a way to export them from figma without writing them yourself?

Hey @Finn thanks for reaching out! We should be supporting the interactions ‘on click’ but not ‘on drag’. Could you share the Figma design you’re trying to export please? Also, you’re using an Anima Pro account? It doesn’t seem to be linked with the email you have here but if so, feel free to email us at support@animaapp.com from your Pro account email and we can make sure you’re settings are properly enabled to have the Interactive Component support!

Thanks :sunglasses: