Slide effect not works in Anima preview

I created a slide component in figma, working great in figma preview, but not in Anima preview.

Could somebody help me check my figma and fix my problem?

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Hello Roger!

Thank you very much for your message and patience!
May you please share to our email:

  • Your Figma file
  • The name and/or location of the specific component

Thank you very much, that way we can troubleshoot this more efficiently! :slight_smile:

Hi Andres,

I’ve share figma via email.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Andres Leon via Anima Support Forum <> 於 2024年5月23日 週四 下午10:22寫道:

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Thank you Roger! We will take a look at this and reply to you ASAP via email :slight_smile: