GIF Carousel - Anima not showing the prototype interaction details

Hello there,

New to the site so excuse me for formatting errors or missing content.

I am trying to build a GIF carousel of my portfolio videos, I believe I have done everything correctly as I used the same function as a regular photo slider which works fine. On the GIF slider, the function of sliding works (it slides across correctly at the right interval in Figma presentation mode directly. But when I view it through the Anima app using the sync / preview function, I do not see the sliding function move, it just plays the video on loop ( I have taken off the loop function thinking it might help but it didn’t)

  1. Is it even possible to view the prototype: “After Delay” in Figma preview?
  2. Is there another way to do this?
  3. Should I just give up haha…

Hey @DrewDronesFPV thanks for writing! It’s a good question, but actually we don’t yet support Figma’s carousel feature, nor the ‘after delay’ interaction. If these are things you want to see in the future, we’d love for you to add them to our feature request page in the forum. Thanks!