How to add videos to my Figma prototype?

Hi I’m trying to import a mp4 from my computer and get the url from it but I’m told to import it first in Anima but I don’t know how… can you help me? I’m using Figma

This was just updated recently, but pretty much Anima embeds the videos if you insert a URL to your video. If the mp4 is from your computer you have to upload it and get a URL to use in Anima. when you upload your file on the plugin, make sure you copy the link and then paste it the same way you’d paste a youtube URL and it should work


^ You can copy the link if you click the three dots next to your file after you upload it


Ooh, I didn’t realize I could add GIFs to Figma, this is super helpful

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Hi Raz,

Wonder if you can help fix this.
I’ve uploaded an mp4, the url is autofilled but there’s a popup message that file size might be too huge, and I compressed it, and error message that the url is invalid - which was generated by Anima automatically.

I’ve even go to the basic of using the Copy Link function and copy into the field, and the same error message that url is invalid.
I don’t want to use YT link though unlisted, so that these videos are totally embedded.

Share your thoughts?

Hello Vern!

Thanks for your question!
May you please email us at and attach your figma file, as well as a short Loom video showing how you are attaching the file?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey, Raz!

Thank you very much for your contributions, we really appreciate your comments on this forum!

Thank you

Sent an email addressing to you Andres! Thanks! Vern


Am having trouble adding the videos to my figma files. I have followed all the instructions and several youtube videos but with no success.

The main issue that I am having is that upon uploading and syncing, the video does play in the animaapp window but not in my figma browser prototype window… (When I try to view the prototype )

Could anyone kindly let me know where I am making the error…
Thanks, This would be of extreme help.

I have attached the screens showing the Progress…

Hello King!

Thanks a lot for your comment!
If you add the videos through the Anima plugin, the Videos will only be seen when synced to Anima, not inside Figma.

However, if you simply want to add videos for them to be seen inside Figma, then you can use the new and native functionality that Figma has for embedding videos! (You can find a few tutorials online about this).

Thank you and let me know if this answer is helpful! :slight_smile:

How about in the browser window… So many tutorials online show that when you add the video with anima, you can see it in the browser…

By browser, I mean, at the point of playing the figma prototype… The sample that the viewer will look at.

Hope my explanation is clear…
Yes I can see the video in the anima app when I click preview but i want it to be embedded so that I can see it outside figma…

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Thank you so much for your reply. In window No.4, that screen shot was taken from the browser window and not inside figma…
The intention was for the works to be seen by the viewer and not the viewer watching the video inside the anima app or inside figma.
Hope my explanation is clear

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Thanks for your reply!
I am not sure I completely understand but, no worries, please send us your file and a short Loom video showing how you are trying to embed the video to our email at: