Non duplicative CSS classes

Hi. I read in the help files that an effort is made to not duplicate code (in css output), but I’m wondering:

  • a) if there are any tips for how to ensure minimal code generation/duplication
  • b) what happens if i add later a new design and then generate code for it - does it then refer back to previously generated css?

i see a lot of duplication, like a duplicate CSS class for an identical element - which is why i ask.

here’s an example, where “.greeting-4” is identical to “.greeting-1”, other than some positioning.


Hey @brig thanks for reaching out. Here is an article about Best Design Practices in Figma, in order to generate the best possible code with Anima (the best practices are similar for XD and Sketch as well).

I see that as a Pro user, you’re currently speaking with Jenya on the chat. Should you have further questions, feel free to ask us there and we’d be happy to help!

Which article is this? I couldnt see any link :slight_smile:

Sorry about that! @brig @ulf Here it is :slight_smile: