Oops This project is private


I am the only one on the project and paid a subscription.
I export code from Figma.
In Anima when want to see the page, I got this

Oops, this project is my private.
This bug doesn’t occur on some other pages.

I tried to hard refresh, open anima in private mode, logout & login again, delete all the project and export again from Figma. Nothing works. I have no access to my project.

How can I access with anima App ?

PS.: Strange thing, there’s a workaround. When I choose to export the current page, it works :slight_smile: Fortunetaly I’m not blocked

Hey @pierre thanks for reaching out, sorry about that! Can you do a hard refresh to your project and let me know if you’re still getting this message? And if so, please send me a link to your project.

Hopefully it’s already resolved though :slight_smile: Let me know!