Payment Methods

Is it possible for you to help me with payment methods?
As a rule, our company in Japan only accepts payment by invoice.
I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether this payment method is feasible for your company.

Motoki Sankawa

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Hello Motoki,

Thanks a lot for your message!
May you please be so kind as to email us with more details? (Number of people in your team who want to utilize Anima, What is your Use case?, etc)

That way we can help you more efficiently and securely. Thanks a lot!

Hello Andres

thank you for your reply.
Where can I find my email address?
Iā€™m having trouble finding your email address.


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Hello Sankawa,

So sorry, It seems I forgot to write my email down, apologies for that!
Here it is:

Looking forward and thank you very much! :slight_smile: