Prototype doesn't match my synced project from Sketch

I’m working on a prototype in Sketch, that up until last week was syncing perfectly with Anima.

When I “Preview in Browser,” I can see the correct latest version.

After syncing the project, The screen thumbnail previews reflect the latest design.
But when I go to play the prototype, it takes me to a blank 1st screen.
If I refresh the page, the prototype loads. But it plays an old version that doesn’t match my synced file!

I’ve cleared my cache, restarted my computer. Deleted all of the screens and tried to trick it via a new sync. No matter what I do, the prototype doesn’t match my latest Sketch file.

I’m on deadline with the client this week and would love some assistance in sorting this out!

Hi @LilyC! Since you are a paying user, please, write us in the chat/gmail, we’ll try to solve that as soon as we can. Meanwhile, you can show the screenshots of the issue here. Thank you!