Project not syncing to latest version

Hi there,

So this morning a project I’ve been working on is not Syncing to my latest XD design, showing me a previous version of the design when I either ‘Sync’ or ‘Preview in Browser’. I’m using XD.

I’ve tried everything - logging out and back in to Anima (both in the browser and in XD), quitting my browser, clearing my browser’s cache, restarting my computer, I’ve even disabled/enabled Anima and also tried using a duplicate of the XD file, but every time after hitting Sync/Previewing in Browser - I’m not seeing the most recent version, just an older one. What should I do?

Hey there, Toby!

We’ve responded to you about this via Intercom, and these are some good first steps to take to try to troubleshoot an issue like this. Please also ensure that you are using the latest version of XD! If you’ve tried these steps already, the next option at this time is to send us your design file so we can try to replicate this issue from our end as well. If we come up with another solution, we’ll try to post it in this forum for visibility as well. Hope to help you with this soon!

Hi! Just wanted to update that the Page not Found error should be fixed now, as we’ve resolved it from the backend. :hammer_and_wrench: Thanks for your understanding!