Preview in Browser failed

“Preview in Browser” is not working.
The artboard is selected.
Anima version 1.1.5


Preview failed. We have been notified! Feel free to
contact us


Thanks for any assistance!

Hey @rami.sedhom Thanks for flagging, sorry about that! We’re aware of this issue and have already submitted an updated Anima plugin version, but until Adobe approves it, you can roll back to the previous XD version from Creative Cloud and Anima should be working properly.

I’ll update you as soon as the new plugin version is released and you can update XD once more :muscle:t2:. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience! :pray:t3:

Thanks @Shira for your reply. I’ll try to uninstall Adobe XD 54.0.12 and install the previous version 51.0.12 and let you know if issue persist.

Hi @rami.sedhom , please update the plugin, we’ve released a new version today. It should be 1.1.6