Anima Plugin - Preview is different in browser


When I create a design, it works and looks fine in XD. I add animations and such and want to view them in browser using “View in Browser with Anima”. When I view my design in browser, it is out of proportion and different from my design. How do I fix this?

Screenshots are below for reference. Thank you for your future assistance and answers.

Hello Max!

Thank you for your message!

Usually, most of the times when the design doesn’t look like the same in the anima webapp, it has to do with the way the “responsive resize” feature has been set in XD. If you would like us to, please send to :

  1. Your Design File
  2. A short Loom video of the differences you see

That way we will be able to show you how to set this feature and make it work properly.

Thank you and have a nice day! :slight_smile: