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Hi everyone, I’m designing a responsive website with Adobe xd, and I’m using the anima plugin. when I incorporate breakpoints and visualize my prototype in the browser, I face an annoying issue, the mobile version looks great but the desktop one gets jumbled! can anyone tell me what should I do to have the same place of each element in both screen sizes?

Hey @Chayma thanks for writing! Are you using responsive constraints in your XD project?
this article should help :slight_smile: !
You can also check out this video about setting up breakpoints in XD with Anima.
Let me know if this helps, thanks!

Hey @Shira, Thank you for replying quickly! Yes i used the pins and followed both the article and the tutorial, but nothing changed the desktop version still the same

What exactly doesn’t looks right in the desktop version? Are you able to recreate a simple version of this issue in a new XD design and attach it to me here? Then I can investigate the issue and try to find a solution. Thanks! :pray:t3:

Hi Shira, i created an example for the issue of the desktop version, after i made the breakpoints, the elements took the position of the mobile version and does not adapt when i change the screen size.

Thanks for sharing that Chayma, let’s try to get to the bottom of this :face_with_monocle:

Can you send me either your current XD file or a, XD file of a replicated, simple version of this same issue, so that I can investigate? You can send it with a WeTransfer link if it’s too heavy to attach. Thanks :pray:!