Preview doesn't work

The preview in Browser is not working. The artboard is selected. Popup: Failed - preview failed… Thanks for any assistance!

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@Lena I’d recommend you to check the plugin version first and update it if it’s not the latest.

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Been having the same issue. Everything’s updated, have already restarted the program, the computer and even the internet, nothing seems to solve it :frowning: any tips pls?

Hey @stelag Shira here from Anima’s support team. I’m sorry about that, we were having some issues with our server, but if you try again now you should be able to preview and sync, let me know ! Thanks :pray:t3:

im having the same problem, worked the first day i purchased, then i havent been able to do a preview or sync the project.

Hey @kikegd10 I’m sorry to hear that! You’re using XD? Please make sure you’re logged into the correct Anima account in your plugin and web browser and that you’re using the latest plugin version.

If you’re still experiencing this issue, could you please send me an XD file here (you can use a WeTransfer link) that’s not previewing for you so that I can look into this? Thanks!