Images misplaced when previewing on browser

Hello there,

I ran into a problem when working on a project with several artboards in Adobe XD.
All my artboards are linked to each other with arrows, a bit like a carousel.
The problem is that the images on one of the artboards appear suddenly on another one when I preview on browser when there’s no trace of them on this said artboard and all the other elements are showing up fine (the text is correct for example). I have tried marking the photos for export and unmarking them but it didn’t change anything. The weird thing as well is that when I use the dropdown menu at the top of the Anima preview to see my different pages, the thumbnail appears fine so I’m just very confused. Any idea of where that could come from?


Hey @Rourou ! This is Jenya from Anima’s support team :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the images int the Preview mode.

Are you able to send the url link of your synced Anima project here? Thanks!

Hey @JenyaGuterman, thanks for the reply! Can you provide me with an email to send this to? I can’t share the link publicly I’m afraid. Thanks