Syncing makes other breakpoints disappear, old versions appear

When I go to sync my project (that has 8 screens and each has 3 breakpoints), two things occur:

  1. The breakpoints of previous screens I sync disappear. For example, I’ll sync a screen with 3 breakpoints and a screen I previously synced will display two breakpoints instead of 3 that previously synced.

  2. The syncs don’t represent the most recent changes to the screens/breakpoints. I’m noticing the details I add aren’t being saved either (I’m always loading in the Adobe font CSS string because it’s not saving, nor is the art board I’ve marked as “home”.)

Any help?

Hi @demitashe (Ashleigh :grinning:). Since you are a paying user and the issue is complex, please, write us in the chat (chat bot in your Anima account), so we could assist you quickly. When you re-sync the same project again, the recently added breakpoints are supposed to appear instead of the previous ones.

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