A website in Anima with a custom domain

I know that it’s possible to publish a website in Anima with my own domain name (not as a prototype link). Any tips how to do that?

If you already have your custom domain name, add it in your project settings (at the right bottom of your dashboard). Choose prototype link, custom domain input. Make sure that your SSL certificate is enabled.

@Jenny_UX , thanks for answering. I’ve just bought a custom domain name but got stuck with dns settings. Could you help me with that?

Sorry, I meant the project settings are at the top right corner. :bowing_man:
After you add the domain name in your settings, make sure you clicked Publish . And you can find all the instructions for dns in Anima articles.

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I made the mistake of having multiple IP addresses associated with my domain once I removed the incorrect one my site worked again. Anima’s article has the correct IP