Squarespace Integration

I have designed a project on anima


And I just want this to be on my squarespace site. I have a page where I would like to simply plug this responsive image into the site that will follow the paths set for it in figma. I got anima thinking I would simply be able to go from figma to code (anima) and then grab that code and past it into a code block on squarespace. But exporting this anima project is a beast! I have no idea what to do with any of these files or where to put them in squarespace. Can someone offer me a step-by-step guide in how to take this anima project and paste it into my squarespace site? If this can’t be done, I’ll just cancel my anima and get my money back as I misunderstood what Anima does.

Hey @sonofiddo , thanks for writing! I’m sorry you were having trouble using our code to build your site on Squarespace. Anima’s code is actually optimized for building sites from scratch or alongside your dev team, not necessarily for website builders with low to no code frameworks, like Squarespace.

Either way I understand that you were in touch with my colleague Andres, I hope he managed to help you out. Let us know if you have any other questions :+1:t2: