After constraints 1 element looks better, everything else is worse

This screenshot is from FIgma, where everything works perfectly (why can’t I just hit publish right where it’s already working!!!)

previously I imported this design, everything looked and worked perfectly except for one element didn’t look right because I needed the constraints option.
(new users can’t share more than 1 image or 1 link, even after multiple actions in the forum? difficult to request support under these conditions)

once I added constraints before importing, that element renders perfectly, only now other things are broken.

Now my background is ugly instead of gorgeous, and those learn more links I circled above don’t open the popout like they used to before I added constraints option to the import.

  1. How to fix background so it looks like first image?
  2. how to fix buttons to open the correct screen instead of doing nothing?
  3. don’t break anything else in the process.

Please help :pray:

here is a link to a figma design with only the screens involved, where everything works perfectly:

Hi @shibe , Thanks for the file, I’ll investigate the issues and write back to you here soon.

Hi @shibe, as for the background, if you make the gradient fill of your frame with one gradient layer (at the moment you have 2 overlapping gradient fills), the background will be the same as in Figma.