Alignment in Figma Import jumbled

Hi there,

I’ve got trial versions of both Figma and Anima to jump onboard a new website project - I’m unfamiliar with both, but have a strong developer background.

I’ve linked Figma to Anima and imported a project - and the attach image is the result. It seems like a lot of the Fonts are missing and alignments are off (the first might cause the second) - is this a result of not having full version? Or is there something additional I need to do in the import? (this was my test run to see if I could use Anima so I’m hoping to see it work nicely before I take the plunge ;))

I’ve obscured the logos for my-lack-of-copyright reasons, but hopefully you get the gist.

Hey @Paul thank you for writing to us! There could be a number of reasons why the design is rendering like this, but it does not have to do with syncing from a free account.

Would you be able to share this or a different, simple design with me here (you can use a WeTransfer link) so that I can look into this and try to find a solution? Thanks! :sunglasses:

I have the same issue for ~30% of my figma designs. upon a bit of investigation, it seems that turning off absolute positioning for the errant items more or less fixes the issue.

There’s enough that’s problematic that i’ve just gone back to my old methods and hired a Fiverr developer to produce the prototype instead. Just too many hours of fixing stuff.

Hey @brig I’m sorry to hear that. If you want to send us the specific example you’re referring to in the chat, since you are a Pro user, we’d be happy to investigate this further and try to solve it for the future! Thanks