Borders missing from HTML render of Figma design

I imported my first Figma design to Anima. However, I see elements got lost. For example, borders on certain elements.

I have attached screenshots. In the thumbnail or Anima pages, the border is clearly visible. However, clicking through to the HTML rendered version, the borders are gone.

Any tips? Is this common?

Hi @sjordan, thanks for reaching out. Can you, please, share more details? From the screenshot I see that the project is not fully rendered in a thumbnail which is completely normal. Do you have any problems with the prototype on Anima?

Hi @JenyaGuterman

I am not quite sure I follow your comment. I have provided more details.

As shown in the attached images (and I tried to explain in my original post), I made a simple design (Step 1) in Figma, then I added it to Anima. The design seems to have imported corrected as evidenced by the animal thumbnail (Step 2). However, when I click the thumbnail to see the prototype/HTML, the borders from my original design are missing (Step 3). Observe the table of activities to the right of the image.

I hope this helps clarify my question. Are my expectations of how Anima works, incorrect?

Hi @sjordan , thanks for clarification. I see now, the lines are missing. Can you, please, send us a link to your Figma file with this page so we could investigate and fix that? Thanks!

Hi @JenyaGuterman

Sent DM.


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Hi @sjordan , I tried to sync your frame from the screenshot and the lines appear both in the Anima preview and in the HTMl file. Please, make sure you use the latest plugin version, restart your Figma and sync the frame again.

@JenyaGuterman Thanks for your message.

Just to clarify my process and confirm I’m still getting the error.

I did not use the Figma plugin. Rather, I used the “Quick Import” feature on the Anima website. I provided my Figma design URL and chose to import all 6 frames of my design (see first screenshot "import-frames.png).

As you will observe in the second screen (missing-borders.png) the borders are still not imported.


Hi @sjordan. Please, try syncing the file via the Anima plugin. You can export the code directly from the Anima plugin. It looks like the issue is related to the way you imported the file. I’ll check that and update you.

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Hello @JenyaGuterman I can confirm that syncing the file via the Anima plugin does appear to work.

Seems there may be a bug with the Anima website-based “Quick Import”. I await the results of your testing of the “Quick Import” feature.


Hi @sjordan, thanks for letting us know. We’ll test syncing via quick import and update you. Meanwhile, did you manage to sync this page via plugin without the fidelity issue?

Hi @JenyaGuterman I mentioned in my previous message:

Thank you for your message. I look forward to the results of your testing the Quick Import feature.


Hi @sjordan. The issue was sent to the developers to fix, it also appears on our end. I’ll update you as soon as we get it fixed. Thanks for reporting.