Very buggy syncing experience

I’ve been experiencing the following issues with syncing:

  1. Vertical spacing between list items is 16px in Figma, but it’s syncing as 0px in Anima
  2. Auto layout property set to “Align Center” for child objects in Figma, but it’s syncing as “Align Left” in Anima (for page header component and list items container)
  3. Auto layout Spacing mode property set to “Space between” in Figma, but syncing as “Packed” in Anima
  4. I tried syncing a frame with three breakpoints, and it syncs a single screen with three breakpoints (expected), but it also syncs an additional fourth screen independent of the rest (tried deleting this fourth page but it won’t delete)

I’ve tried re-syncing everything from scratch but the issues persist.

Here’s a link to the Figma file:

Hi @DY_YVR, thanks for reaching out. The first issue with the spaces is the bug. I passed it to the developers and will write back to you.

Could you send the screenshot of the auto layouts which are synced as packed and aligned to the left?


Hi @DY_YVR , I synced this page and the only issue for me is the following:

Is there anything else that doesn’t look the same?

Hi @JenyaGuterman, the details of what doesn’t look the same for me have been outlined at the top of this post :smile: — I’ve also left a link to the Figma file so you can visually see what I’ve described.

I’ve pulled a screenshot to save you time. Here’s the 1440px breakpoint:

In addition to what you’ve already identified (spacing between content), the left side panel is not correct either (the username and email child object should be appearing at the bottom of the panel). Additionally, the page header and list items should be staying center aligned as the window width grows — instead, they’re staying left aligned. This same bug is also occurring at the 1920px breakpoint.

I appreciate your help with this :pray:

Hi @DY_YVR sorry for the delay, We are on it. I’ll update you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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