Components not resizing when adjusting webpage width

In Figma, I have a menu that should change it’s width to fit the left and right edges of the page and a cloud graphic that pins to the right edge, but when I export to Anima and try the responsive window, the menu instead sticks to the left and the cloud graphic sticks to the center.

How I’d like it to be;

How it is instead;

Am I missing something in the plugin or on my end to make the menu stick to the left and right edge and the cloud graphic to stick to the right edge

Hello Lenny!

Thanks a lot for writing us at the forum.

So, one of the best ways to ensure the position of your elements are the same between Figma + Anima is by using Auto-Layout inside Figma. I am attaching a video regarding how to use it: Figma in 5: Auto Layout - YouTube

Basically, you can make sure your elements are responsive inside of Figma and that will ensure that they are also the same inside Anima!

Thanks and hopefully this answer was helpful!