Render error from Figma

Hi! I’ve set everything on my Figma for my apps demo. on the first preview, everything works just fine, but after syncing, it’s not working correctly on the second preview. the tab name is registered but the one loaded is my homepage. also, all pages are now merged into 1 long page. is there anything I missed or misput that resulting in this output?

Hey @Ebitan thanks for writing. I’m sorry to hear that! Are you able to reproduce this issue on a simple Figma file that you can link to here, so that I can take a look at it with my team?

Also, please go to the ‘responsive’ tab in the plugin and make sure incorrect pages are not added as breakpoints mistakenly. Let me know, thanks!

Hi Shira! here’s the link

I’ve removed the incorrect pages as breakpoints, but the problem still existed


Hey @Ebitan thank you for sending this and I apologize for the delay. My team is investigating these issues for you now, I’ll let you know one I hear back from them!

Hey @Ebitan how are you? I just heard back from my dev team and wanted to update you that until we solve this issue altogether, you can remove the auto-animate transition between frames 4 and 5, and it should solve the issue :+1:t2: let me know how you go, thanks!