Anima Pro 15 screens

Hi There,
I am from down under. Got Anima Pro. Not sure about what does it mean by 3 Projects and 15 screens limit on Anima Pro.

I am using anima to convert Adobe Xd prototype to React code. I am new to all 3 of Anima, react, Xd.

As I check the react code to see how it works for small components like navbar, would I run out of 15 screens shortly. As I am only a single user, how best to leverage the limitation.

Hey @Kevin thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Anima (and XD and React :wink: )!!

Best to sync/export full artboards rather than single components. We also have some options for bigger plans, up to 50 or 100 screens that I’d be happy to tell you more about. Let me know if you want to book a call to discuss! :sunglasses:

Thank you. Please call me on the number provided when account is setup. Available between AEST 9am - 5pm weekdays.

Hey @Kevin you can email us at and we’ll provide you with a link to book a call :slight_smile: