What pricing plan would fit our setup?

Hi all,

We haven’t purchased any plans yet. We’re currently testing the free version to see if it covers everything we need.

Looking at the pricing plan for Pro, we’re limited to 15 screens, 3 projects.

We currently have about 10 projects (10 products). We could potentially just use Anima for 3 as a starting point.

However, each product has its own Figma file. This Figma file can have multiple pages covering different features. These pages can contain up to 10/15 frames. Sometimes many more. This means each Figma file could potentially have up to 30/40 frames which goes way over the “15 screens”.

Seems like we’ll need the Business Plan?

Also, how do screens work with components? Our components are laid out on individual pages, and wrapped into sections. No frames exist on these pages. Will this count as a “Screen”?

Could anyone advise on the above?



Thanks a lot for your question!
We will be able to help you with this!
May you please share this information with us on: Support@Animaapp.com

Additionally, may you please also share how many team members would be utilizing Anima as well?

That way we can talk to the billing department and help you with a plan that fits your exact needs

Thank you!