Browser connection not secure with Figma

I have tried multiple browsers and whenever I run Anima from Figma I lose my secure browser connection. I have spent some time trying to solve this.
Any ideas?

Hi @Will ! Are you using the browser version of Figma?

Yes. I’m running from the browser because I don’t think they have a Figma app for Linux.

@Will, please try to find a way to use the desktop version of Figma or another browser. Figma works on Windows, Linux, Chrome and Mac, so there shouldn’t be problems with Figma for Linux.

There isn’t an official version of Figma for Linux that I am aware of. Can you not fix the security issue?

Hi @Will , what browsers were you using with Figma and Anima when you saw the insecure connection? I’d recommend you to test Figma+Anima in incognito mode.

Ok I’ll try private mode. It doesn’t really solve the problem in my mind, and I can’t bring myself to go back to Windows.
I was using Firefox and Brave, and both went unsecure when I launched Anima.

@Will Has the private mode helped? Have you tried Google Chrome?

Not allowed to use Chrome

I am trying to put together a pitch, and the team has pretty strict security requirements. I have been requested to stop using Brave too.

Hi Will,

Firefox shows no issues for me:

Would you mind sharing a screenshot?

Are you using Linux?

Hi @Will, unfortunately this issue is not something we can fix, since it might be caused by the settings of the browser.

I’m using Linux. Same on all browsers.

Ok. It’s a Linux issue I guess, because it happens with each browser, which means the Linux system doesn’t like something your doing. I’ll have to go elsewhere for now.
Thanks for trying

Hi @Will, we’re really sorry for that! We’ll definitely take this issue with Linux into consideration to find the ways to fix that.