Can i code convertfix scroll into anima? and also navigate scroll, i can do in figma prototype

can i code/convert fix scroll figma into anima? and also add naugate to scroll, i can do in figma prototype with (absolute position) but it dosnt work when i export.
Also absolute positioning needs me to turn of auto layout and i lose page scale, so im confused if its possible to work. im trying to fix header and auto navigate from tab options like i have set in prototype mode figma.

Hey @mickallias, thanks for reaching out!

If you’re using auto layout on a given frame and you apply absolute position to an element in the frame, you are correct that the ‘fix position when scrolling’ will not work in Anima.
This is an issue we’re aware of, and we’re waiting to receive the necessary details from Figma to allow us to support this.

Sorry about that!

I’ll let you know if this changes :pray:

(Attachment large portfollio header doesnt fix.mp4 is missing)