[ Overflow scrolling, select Horizontal scrolling. ] is not on my Figma prototype menu. Somebody know why is that?

I really want to see if the Overflow scrolling works well

How to Add Carousel Feature to Figma Design (How to Add Carousel Feature to Figma Design | Anima Help Center )

i solved it. it was because i didn’t choose the ’ frame’ beforehand before i goto tab of prototype. sorry.

And after that, i met this kind of bugs(?). When i applied horizontal scroll and preview/sync to Anima, the scrolling was not working and also images layers overlapped with upper navi part.

Hey @watchwise! I’m glad you managed to resolve the first issue. Would you mind sharing a link to this Figma frame here as well so that we can investigate what might be happening to the images there? You might want to make sure there are no extra layers and that the auto-layout is set up properly, perhaps one of those things may be causing the issue :thinking:

Shira, here is the figma link. pls check it out.

Have a nice day~


Thanks for sending that @watchwise ! Actually I just synced the frame and it looked great, the horizontal scroll was working as well. Could you please restart your Figma, delete the Anima project and resync the who thing from scratch?

Let me know if it helps! :sunglasses: