Problem launching popup + scroll into popup?


I have a problem with my popups. I created my open overlay link on Figma and when I click on my button on my site published on Anima, nothing happens. It happens that sometimes the popup launches but most of the time it does not appear.

Chrome shows this js message but nothing happens :
Capture d’écran 2022-07-23 à 10.01.30

And I have another question about popups, when these are too tall in height for small screens, I can’t scroll in the popup, it’s the page in the background that scrolls…
Do you know a solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Bahom thanks for your questions! Would you be able to share your Figma design here please and let me know which overlay is giving you issues, both with not always opening as well as not scrolling when opened in a smaller screen size?

I’d be happy to troubleshoot and try to find a solution with my team :muscle:t2: thanks!


Here is the Figma project :

And the site exported to Anima :

It’s the “Contactez-nous” button that doesn’t open the popup.

Thank you !

And for the scroll problem :

Thanks for sending your file! I played around with it a bit and discovered that if you don’t add the link from the container

but rather from the actual rectangle/button:

the overlay should work! Let me know :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not sure I understand what the issue is with the scrolling

Thanks for looking.

For me it makes no difference to modify the link on the button and not the container.
On the other links on the site (which are not popups), this is not a problem. I feel like it’s coming from loading the popup (as sometimes it can launch).
Could the free plan be the cause? And the servers are slower?

For the scrolling, as you can see on the gif, it’s the background that moves and not the popup.
I would like the popup scroll to be able to access the lower button (for small screens).

Hey there, no it is not connected to the fact that you’re on a free plan. Can you send your updated version where you changed the overlay to link from the button and not the container? It’s strange that it’s still not working properly for you! I’m still looking into this for you, as well as the scroll.

Thanks for your patience!

It’s good everything has been updated with the link on the button.

I also removed the hover effect but it didn’t change anything :confused:
What is strange, is that now, only the screen version with size 1024 (desktop) can launch the popup…

My team is still investigating the overlay issue for your project, I’ll let you know once they find a solution! Thank you for your patience

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