Change Header 3D Image in Figma Design

I’m using a Figma file provided by Animakid to create a website, but the hero section has a 3D image that I can’t seem to locate within the Figma file (so I can’t change the image). I already tried changing all the homepage images, but this does not change the image (shown below). How can I locate this image so I can change it? Thank you for your help.


Figma file: NFT Marketplace Template | Figma Community

Hey @CatsPunch thanks for reaching out! You ask a good question :slight_smile:

The reason you didn’t manage to remove it is because this actually isn’t an image layer, there is a video playing on top of it, that was added via the Anima plugin. Here is the layer to select, then go into the Anima plugin and where you see ‘edit’ next to Add Media, you can simply remove this video. Then you should be able to replace the image with whichever you prefer.

Let me know how you go! Thanks :sunglasses:

Hi @Shira,

I was able to change it quickly thanks to you! I appreciate your help and I’ll be back to ask more questions as they come up. Take care and have a wonderful week!

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Pleasure! Always here to help :upside_down_face: