Converting Figma to Reactjs by using anima is quite difficult and time consuming

My team is under the impression that converting from Figma to React.js by using Anima is quite intensive, time-consuming, and tedious process.

It includes or it involves a lot of work to set conditions and constraints and similar other things.

So my team is wondering, would it not be better to just simply start working on React rather than getting into this conversion thing because we’re not sure if it saves time.

Are there any best practices or tricks that we are missing? Please help.

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Im very sorry to hear you are having issues with the workflow in Anima.
However, so we can help you better, may you please share:

  1. Your figma file
  2. A bit more details regarding all the issues you have found. (A video recording of your screen would be ideal)

You can send this to:

That way we can help you better! Thanks :slight_smile: