Export Figma design into react code

Hey! I’m new to Anima, so I want to make sure I’m using the platform properly. Can someone explain the best process to export my Figma design into react code? It seems like maybe there are a few ways to do it. Thanks

Hey @Jojo_344 first off, welcome to Anima!
Exporting your Figma design into React Code is super simple :slight_smile: you’re right there are several ways you can do it, but the best option would probably be to first sync your design to your Anima project using the Anima plugin, and then exporting the code from there (see image below)

Note that you can see the generated code as a free user, but only Pro users are actually able to export the code. Hope that helps!

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Okay, good to know thanks! I saw you can also export code straight from the plugin so wasn’t sure if one was more preferable but will give this a go

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